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Contract Review & Negotiation

Businesses generally enter into contracts on a regular basis. These can be written contracts or oral contracts. In every case, it is important that the contract terms are fairly negotiated, properly drafted, and reviewed to ensure the contract meets the intentions of the parties. By negotiating contract terms, the parties to the contract bargain for their own best interests. While negotiating contracts on your behalf, Omni Law Group will do the following:

  • Gain an understanding of your objective in entering into the contract.
  • Make certain you are comfortable with your rights and obligations.
  • Negotiate terms such as price, breach remedies, contract term and termination, arbitration clauses, and scope of work.
  • Work with the other party or its counsel to create a clear and concise document that evidences each party's rights and obligations.

Often, you will find yourself presented with an adhesion contract (i.e., a contract which must be signed "as is" with no negotiation). In such circumstances, it is important for you to have the contract reviewed by someone who understands the legal issues involved in the contract and who can identify the potential pitfalls. After Omni Law Group provides you with an Issues Memo, you will know whether the potential agreement is worth the risk. If you proceed with the transaction, the Issues Memo will provide you with needed insight and direction as you carry out your obligations under the contract.