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A conservatorship is the court ordered control of one person (called the "conservatee") by another person (called the "conservator"). The court can authorize a conservatorship of the conservatee’s person, estate, or both. A conservatorship over one’s person obligates the conservator to care for and protect the conservatee, much like a parent’s obligation is to a child. A conservatorship over one’s estate obligates the conservator to manage all of the conservatee’s financial obligations.

Omni Law Group is experienced in representing individuals placed under a conservatorship. When the conservatorship is appropriate, we work with the other professionals involved, such as the conservator, conservator’s attorney, geriatric care manager, and court. When a conservatorship has been improperly put in place, Omni Law Group will take swift action to remove the conservatorship using the expedited legal process available in conservatorship matters. Omni Law Group also represents conservators who need advice in making difficult decisions and who are often required to give status report to the court or get court permission to take certain actions.

No matter what your role is in the conservatorship process, Omni Law Group can provide you with the legal expertise needed to navigate the technical jungle known as conservatorship law.